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Innovative Soch is a diverse organization with experience in all aspects of the animal feed business. We are manufacturers and exporters of Rice DDGS which has high nutritional value i.e. 45% protein and vitamin B-Complex. Increases the feed consumption and reduces the cost of feed. Optimum Yields.

High nutritional value

Innovative Soch’s Rice DDGS has high nutritional value, making it perfect for use as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient in animal feed.

Quality guaranteed

With our innovative production process and strict quality control measures, we can guarantee that our DDGS is of the highest quality and will meet your expectations.

Reduce cost of feed

Soch DDGS rice has high nutritional value, which means that it can help reduce the cost of feed for your livestock.


Innovative Soch’s Rice DDGS is a cost-effective way to add protein and vitamins to your diet.

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Technical Description

In the production of alcohol, starch is fermented to produce ethyl alcohol. Dried grain solubles are byproducts. The remaining components of the grain keep much of the original nutritional value of the grain, including energy. In animal feed, these nutritional components have been conventionally incorporated. In addition to amino acids and vitamins, yeast is used during the process to enrich the feed.

Technical Benefits

• Profile of amino acids that is high and favorable

• Our DDGS are digestible because they are controlled for phytic acid

• A low moisture content prevents the growth of pathogenic fungi, bacteria, and salmonella, resulting in a longer shelf life

• Antinutritional factors are low

• As the distillery process does not use sulfuric acid, it is inorganic Sulphur free, eliminating nutritional problems in ruminant diets.

• The fermentation of DDGS provides vitamin B-complex, promotes palatability, and increases feed consumption through 3-5% yeast cells.


Boost Your Livestock Performance with Innovative Soch Rice DDGS

Soch thought innovatively and started manufacturing Rice DDGS in 2015, which has now become one of the most important ingredients in Animal Feed globally. Rice DDGS is a by-product of Ethanol production from Rice and it has high nutritional value i.e. 45% protein and vitamin B-Complex. Our products have been very successful in the market because they increases the feed consumption and reduces the cost of feed. Optimum Yields are what our customers have come to expect from us.

Optimize your feed cost with Rice DDGS today!

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I am so happy with Innovative Soch, I can't believe how quickly they delivered the product. It was a really good price and we were able to use it right away with our animals.

Roger Brown/Zen Feeds

We are very happy with Innovative Soch and have been using their rice DDGS for the last three years. It is great quality, economical and good value.

Mohammad Jamal Aftab/Noor Enterprises

I have been using Innovative Soch's DDGS in my chicken feed for the past year and have been very satisfied with the results. I was looking for a healthier alternative to chicken litter, which is expensive and not as nutritious. The DDGS has increased my chickens' feed consumption and has helped me cut down on costs.

Kuber Walia/Sattvik Agro

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the nutritional value of Rice DDGS?

Rice DDGS has a high nutritional value, providing 45% protein and vitamin B-Complex. This helps to increase the feed consumption while reducing the cost of feed, leading to optimum yields. With Rice DDGS, you can be sure that your livestock is getting the nutrition they need. You can view its nutritional facts below:

Nutrition Factor

Parameters Rice DDGS Normal Rice DDGS Hi Pro
Protein % 45-50 50-55
Moisture % (Max) 8-11 8-11
Fat % 4-8 5-9
Fibre % 6-8 6-8
Sand Silica % (Max) 2 2
M Energy (KCal / KG) 3000-3200 3000-3200
Pepsin Digestibility 77-80 77-80
KOH Solubility 77.2 78.1
TDN % 87 88
UDP % 55 57

What are the benefits of using Innovative Soch's Rice DDGS?

Innovative Soch’s Rice DDGS offers many benefits compared to other animal feed products. Our product contains up to 45% protein and vitamin B-Complex, meaning it will give your animals higher nutrition content in their feed. Innovation Soch’s Rice DDGS also increases feed consumption so you won’t have to buy as much, and reduces the cost of feed over time. Finally, our product delivers optimum yields for a better return on investment!

How does Rice DDGS help in reducing the cost of feed?

Rice DDGS provides high nutritional value i.e. 45% protein and vitamin B-Complex that not only increases the feed consumption but also helps in reducing the cost of feed. Due to its optimum yields, it helps in gaining maximum nutrition from less amount of feed, thereby resulting in a lesser cost per unit feed consumed. Rice DDGS is an excellent choice for Animal Feed Traders and Livestock Owners who want to get maximum nutritional value at a lower cost.

How much protein is present in Rice DDGS?

Our Rice DDGS has a high nutritional value with an impressive 45% protein content, as well as Vitamin B-Complex. It increases feed consumption while reducing the cost of feed, resulting in optimum yields for livestock owners and traders.

Boost Livestock Health and Performance with Innovative Soch Rice DDGS Today!