Wheat Bran

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Wheat Bran


Wheat bran contains the outer layers of the wheat kernel and is composed mainly of insoluble AX, cellulose, starch, protein 14-16%, β-glucan and lignin. It is well known for its effects in increasing faecal bulk and reducing intestinal transit time.

In addition to being an excellent source of dietary fiber, wheat bran is also rich in manganese, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus. It’s also low in calories and fat, while supplying a good amount of protein per serving.

Wheat bran can be palatable for pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and horses.

Nutritional Factors

Parameter Specification
Protein 14-16% min
Silica 0.5% max
Moisture 9-10% max
Fiber 8-10% max
Starch 53-55% max
Crude fat 3-5% max
Aflatoxin 50 PPB max
Form Course bran
Usage/Application Cattle Feed
Origin Indian
Packing 50 kg PP Bags
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