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Corn DDGS Hi-Energy By-Pass is a livestock feed supplement that is specially designed for lactating dairy cows. This supplement contains low-fat content and high digestible fiber and protein. These components are perfectly blended to provide optimal nutrition for milk production.

Corn DDGS are using as a high digestible nutritious ingredient for both energy & protein supplement specially in dairy cattle.

Feature & Benefits

• An effective delicious dairy cattle feed enriched in natural fat, fiber, protein, amino acids & minerals.
•100 % natural vegetable source.
• Palatable balanced unique feed supplement.
• Balances negative energy of the dairy cattle and calves.
• Increases feed efficiency & body weight of the beef-cattle.
• Better performance & cost effective for livestock and fish.
• Improves weakness of the dairy, beef-cattle, calves and increase feed intact.
• Suitable for all types of animal specially dairy beef cattle, fish & poultry for its strong aroma and taste.

Physical properties

Corn DDGS is light golden/light brown color, fine smaller particle size which is benefitted for livestock and fish.


Strong flavor with sweeten taste attractive for livestock


Use Corn DDGS 0.75 % of body weight per/day cattle and dairy. If add to formulation, dosages will be up to 20 % for dairy cattle & beef cattle up to 40%, Fish 20% max, Poultry 20-25% max.

| Shelf-life: 1(One) year | Packing: bulk/50 kg bag.

Nutrition Factor

Nutrient Value
Moisture 10.00%
Dry Matter 89.17%
Crude Protein 27.00%
Crude Fat 5.00%
Crude Fiber 10.00%
Starch (DMI) 5-7%
Cellulose (DM) 9-10%
ADF 10.00%
NDF 20.00%
Ash 5.00%
Hemicellulose (DM) 21.00%
Xylose 6.00%
Metabolic Energy (ME) 3384 kcal/kg
DE 3946 kcal/kg
Calcium 0.05%
Phosphorus 0.82%
Sodium 0.20%
Potassium 1.15%
Magnesium 0.39%
TDN Rumen (RUP) 74
TDN Poultry/Aqua 85
Sulfur 0.85%
Copper, ppm 4.00
Iron, ppm 70.00
Manganese, ppm 22.00
Zinc, ppm 51.00
Lysine 1.00%
Methionine 0.55%
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