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Corn Gluten Meal is a very rich source of protein and vital nutrients, containing insoluble proteins, minimal amounts of starch and fiber fractions. Historically used as animal feed, this product has a high energy quotient (ME 4131K Cal/KG), making it an ideal poultry meal for Chickens, Broilers and Laying hens. Additionally, Corn Gluten Meal is packed with vitamins and minerals and offers generous amounts of Methionine and Xanthophyll’s. Meanwhile, Corn Fiber is derived from the outer kernel covering or seed pericarp of corn pap, which is composed of carbohydrate polymers, lignin, and around 10-25% adherent starch.

Corn gluten meal is a by-product of the manufacture of maize starch (and sometimes ethanol) by the wet-milling process. Corn gluten meal is a protein-rich feed, containing about 65% crude protein (DM), used as a source of protein, energy and pigments for livestock species including fish. It is also valued in pet food for its high protein digestibility. Corn gluten meal is also used as a fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer

Corn gluten meal is obtained wherever maize is used for starch extraction. It is distributed worldwide. Its production has become relatively constant since ethanol is now mainly produced by dry-milling, which yields corn distillers rather than corn gluten meal and corn gluten feed

Nutrition Factor

Parameters Value in %age
Protein % 60-70
Moisture % (Max) 10
Fat % 4-8
Sand Silica % (Max) 2
M Energy (KCal / KG) 4131
Pepsin Digestibility 85-90
Table : Composition of amino acids in Corn Gluten Feed/Maize Fiber/CoFeed
Parameters Value in %age
Arginine (%) 2.11
Histidine (%) 1.42
Isoleucine (%) 3.01
Leucine (%) 12.43
Lysine (%) 1.05
Methionine (%) 1.36
Phenylalanine (%) 3.65
Threonine (%) 1.99
Tryptophan (%) 0.3
Valine (%) 3.39
Cystine (%) 1.08
TSAA Met+Cys (%) 2.44
Tyrosine (%) 3.76
Phe+Tyr (%) 7.41
Glutamic (%) 6.71
Aspartic (%) 3.94
Glycine (%) 2.02
Serine (%) 3.23
Alanine (%) 5.8
Sum EAAs (%) 30.71
Sum NEAAs (%) 26.54
Taurine (%) 0
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