Corn Gluten Feed

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Common names

Dry corn gluten feed, dried corn gluten feed, dry maize gluten feed, dried maize gluten feed
Wet corn gluten feed, wet maize gluten feed.

Corn gluten feed is the by-product of the wet-milling of maize grain for starch (or ethanol) production. Corn gluten feed consists mainly of maize bran and maize steep liquor (liquid separated after steeping) but may also contain distillers solubles, germ meal, cracked maize screenings, as well as minor quantities of end-products from other microbial fermentations. The chemical composition of corn gluten feed varies hugely, as it depends on the milling process and on the relative proportions of bran, steep liquor and other components. Particularly, the energy and protein content of corn gluten feed are positively correlated to the proportion of steep liquor in the blend.

Nutritional attributes

Corn gluten feed is a major feed ingredient in ruminant diets, particularly for beef and dairy cattle. Wet corn gluten feed contains 40 to 60% DM while the dry product contains about 88% DM. Corn gluten feed is a moderately high source of protein: it contains about 20-25% DM of protein, more than cereal grains and milling by-products but less than corn gluten meal, distillers’ grains and most oil meals. Corn gluten feed is much richer in cell wall constituents than maize grain (crude fibre 6-10% DM, NDF 31-49% DM, ADF 8-13% DM and a low lignin content about 1.2% DM) which tends to limit its use in pig and poultry diets. The crude fat content is usually under 4% DM. Corn gluten feed contains relatively high and quite variable amounts of residual starch, from 11% to more than 30% DM. Ash content is also important (about 7% DM).

The composition of corn gluten feed is influenced by the proportion of steep liquor, which contains more energy and protein than the bran. Corn gluten feed varies in color from yellow-light brown to dark brown, depending on the amount of steep liquor, drying temperature and drying time. Dried corn gluten feed generally darkens.

Nutrition Factor

Parameters Value in %age
Protein % 18-20
Moisture % (Max) 10
Fat % 1
Sand Silica % (Max) 3
M Energy (KCal / KG) 2000
Pepsin Digestibility 80-85
Table : Composition of amino acids in Corn Gluten Feed/Maize Fiber/CoFeed
Parameters Value in %age
Lysine 0.67
Threonine 0.72
Methionine 0.35
Cystine 0.39
Methionine + Cystine 0.74
Tryptophan 0.14
Isoleucine 0.77
Valine 0.99
Leucine 1.17
Phenylalanine 0.50
Tyrosine 0.98
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine 1.29
Histidine 0.68
Arginine 1.20
Alanine 1.62
Aspartic Acid 1.21
Glutamic Acid 2.93
Glycine 1.10
Serine 0.85
Proline 1.62
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